Sessin Durgham Jewelry

Sessin Durgham: Forged in Silver, Crafted by Passion

About Sessin Durgham

Sessin Durgham Jewelry is a renowned artisanal jewelry brand with a specialization in the exquisite art of metalworking, crafting unique and timeless pieces.

Discover Sessin Durgham's Jewelry at Morgan's Treasure

In the heart of Columbus, Ohio, the tale of creativity and passion found its genesis within the halls of St. Francis De Salles High School. A young Sessin walked those corridors, embarking on a journey that would shape his destiny as a masterful silversmith. It was in this very institution that the foundation of his craft was meticulously laid. Guided by the skilled hands of Sister Marion McRae, affectionately known as 'The Art Nun,' Sessin delved into the art of silversmithing, mastering the fundamental techniques of cut, file, solder, sand, and repeat.

In Columbus, Ohio, Sessin's legacy continues, a journey that began within the walls of a high school and blossomed into an enduring tale of artistry, dedication, and the pursuit of excellence. And now, at Morgan's Treasure, the legacy extends further. Here, in this haven of fine jewelry, you not only discover Sessin Durgham's creations but also the opportunity to own a piece of his passion. The journey of silversmithing, like Sessin's, invites you to become part of a timeless tradition, to embrace the artistry, and to hold in your hands the culmination of skill, dedication, and artistic vision.

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Experience the artistry and passion of Sessin Durgham's silversmithing journey at Morgan's Treasure. From the classroom of St. Francis De Salles High School to award-winning recognition, his legacy lives on in each meticulously crafted piece. Unveil the brilliance and own a piece of the passion that forged a masterful silversmith. Visit our store and become part of the artistry today.