Custom Necklaces Columbus Ohio

Order your custom necklaces anywhere in Columbus, Ohio! Morgan's Treasure offers custom design consultation.

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Custom Necklaces Columbus Ohio
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 by Susan Sherwood
Incredible customer service and support!

Incredible customer service! I brought in a watch for repair and was given exceptional service at a very reasonable price. All staff were very professional and friendly, particularly to my children. Will definitely return and highly recommend!

 by Amanda Rose
Best custom diamond ring made for me!

I inherited my father's mother's diamond and took it into Morgan's Treasure to have a ring made. Working with Shelley and Bill was a wonderful experience. The result is far beyond my expectations! I cried when I saw it, knowing it used to he on her hand, they gave me back a piece of her!! It is simply beautiful!

 by Lindsey McCarron
Amazing experience at Morgan's Treasure!

I had a custom engagement ring made here, and had an amazing experience every step of the way!! Bill was extremely helpful when I was indecisive about the design, and everyone was so nice anytime I visited or called with questions. It was finished super quickly. I am in love with the ring!!

 by BRENT Shipley
Beautiful jewelry at Morgan's Treasure!

Beautiful jewelry! Decades of experience! I've had multiple pieces made by Mr. Morgan and they've all turned out better than I could have imagined. If you are in the market for something new or if you have an idea for something custom made, go and see the people at Morgan's Treasure.

 by Moe Anderson
Wonderful place to have a custom ring made!

What a wonderful place! My wife and I had our engagement rings made here. Mr. Morgan does impeccable work. The staff takes the time to truly understand what you’re seeking and understand your style. We are both so happy with our wedding bands and our wedding set. Our friends also had their commitment bands made here and their rings look beautiful. This is the perfect local shop for stunning impeccable work. Thank you! I’ve also had other small custom jobs done and they turned out so absolutely wonderful. Morgan’s Treasure have my loyalty for life after such dedication and thoughtful work! I’m over the moon!

 by Amy O'Brien
Best custom necklace review any budget!

I’m so thankful for Morgan’s! They’re professional and honest, and have helped repair and resize my favorite jewelry. The store is beautifully maintained, welcoming and unpretentious in a way some jewelry stores can make you feel. And I’d be remiss if I forgot to mention that they also have a beautiful selection of classic to eclectic handmade pieces, for any budget.

 by Audrey Bambach
Custom jewelry repair review

I had to go in and get a diamond replaced in my wedding band. The original jeweler is no longer in business, so I tried to find someone who could take the personal care that I wanted with my ring. This team took exceptional care of my ring for a very reasonable cost. I would highly recommend going here for your jewelry!

 by Christian Searcy
Fantastic customer service!

I took in my wedding band to be resized down. The customer service was fantastic. I had almost asked if they could also buff out some of the scratches on it, but I thought I might do that another time. When I got the ring back, it fit perfectly, and most of the scratches were even gone! It is genuinely exciting to see it looking and fitting so nicely again.

 by Mrs. H.L. G-B
Five star custom jewelry store!

Extremely happy with the ring we designed. I had an heirloom diamond given to me after our wedding. My original engagement ring had a loose prong that made me lose 3 stones before I just put it away. I hadn't been able to wear my ring for 4 years but I've only been married 6. We live near Morgan's & took in both rings. After looking through some example designs in the shop one of the clerks helped to narrow down my preferences and discuss design. I got to design my dream ring with special stones. The bezel setting makes me feel that my stone is safe. I'm very happy & know my ring is the only one like it in the world.